Selling a business is a complex process.

Valuation, financial statements, preparation of the business for sale, marketing the business, negotiating the various details and closing the deal are just a few of the crucial components to a successful sale of your business. Each phase requires different skill sets and experience from a qualified business broker.

Meanwhile – you still have to run your business on a day to day basis.

Frontier Business Brokers  can take the weight of the selling process off your shoulders.

It is crucial for business owners to fully understand the process of selling their business and how to maximize the business value at the time of the sale.

Selling a business commonly includes the following steps:

1. Developing a value proposition strategy
2. Building a marketing plan
3. Introducing potential buyers to the business
4. Negotiating details of a deal
5. Preparing a Purchase Agreement
6. Due diligence
7. Closing the sale

Maximizing company value at the time of sale is the ultimate goal of any Business Owner. This is something we at Frontier Business Brokers help business owners achieve.

When selling a business you need to work with business brokers that can accurately assess the real market value of your business.

The only way to become a reliable and credible business evaluator is via extensive real-world experience. Frontier  Business Brokers has that real world experience and extensive knowledge in all other aspects of selling a business.

The percentage of down payment, guarantees, lease terms and transfer, key employee issues, transition periods, non competition and a wide variety of other similar issues should all be considered when selling a business. frontier  Business Brokers leave no base uncovered.

Frontier Business Brokers specialize in valuing, marketing and selling small businesses with revenues of up to $20 million and an enterprise value of up to $10 million.