Running your business is a full-time job and selling your business is a full-time job. Finding the right buyer is a challenging task and is direct function of the marketing exposure. Business should be properly prepared for sale, properly marketed. Professional assistance is definitely of benefit to you. Frontier Business Brokers can handle all aspects of business sale at much higher professional level than any business owner on his or her own.

Practically, any business can be sold. The real question is for how much and how fast. Frontier Business Brokers will help you to determine the right price, conditions of sale and will recommend changes that may be required in order to sell your business.

Unlike any other merchandise on the market the value of your business depends on a buyer.  Frontier Business Brokers will thoroughly analyze your financial papers, lease situation, marketing, competition and other factors, and help you to determine the fair market value for the business.[/list]

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Unlike the sale of a home a sign is not placed in the window. It is impossible to say how long it will take to sell a business.  The business could sell within a month others take several months. Many  factors will determine how long it will take for a business to sell including type of business, market conditions, price of business, marketing efforts and location. It is important to keep the business operating as usual during the period that the business is being marketed for sale.

Frontier Business Brokers maintains regular subscription to major business listing services. The following marketing sources can be deployed to discreetly market your business.

* INTERNET - Frontier Business Brokers will place non-specific advertising for your business on a number of strategically placed Internet sites. The Internet advertising campaign will be specifically tailored to capture the highest level of qualified exposure as possible for your unique business. This customized campaign will be continually tracked through monitoring the number of hits and traffic to your ad. Refinements are made as needed to adjust to shifting traffic patterns.

 * PRINT MEDIA - Frontier Business Brokers will use print advertising as appropriate to market your business. This type of marketing is used in more of a general context to generate buyer traffic. Forms of print advertising include the local newspaper, and professional journals or publications.

* DIRECT MAIL - Frontier Business Brokers has developed a database of thousands of qualified potential buyers. Using our proprietary approach, we tap into our existing relationships with potential buyers with interest in businesses that meet their criteria. Both printed mail and email blasts can be used.

    * REFERRAL MARKETING - In addition to direct marketing to specific buyers, Frontier Business Brokers has relationships with many professional associations that support a high membership of potential buyers.

It is very beneficial having all necessary business documentation prepared in advance. Here’s a checklist of most frequently required documents:

* Three years’ profit and loss statements
* List of fixtures and equipment
* The lease and lease-related documents
* A list of the loans, if any, against the business, with amounts and payment schedule
* Copies of any equipment leases
* A copy of the franchise agreement, if applicable
* An approximate amount of the inventory on hand, if applicable
* The names of any outside advisors
Make sure the financial statements of the business are current and as accurate as you can get them. If you’re half way through the current year, make sure you have last year’s figures, and tax returns, and also year-to-date figures. Pricing a small business usually is based on cash flow. This includes the profit of the business, but also, the owner’s salary and benefits, the depreciation, and other non-cash items.

Prospective buyers eventually want to review your financial figures. A Balance Sheet is not normally necessary unless the sale price of your business would be over the $1 million figure. Generally, buyers will want to see income and expenses to determine if they can make the payments on the business and still make a living.[/list]